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How to learn CNC precision parts machining within 10 seconds!--PTCQ


In the CNC precision parts processing industry, precision is what is important. This is just a basic requirement, and because of the high requirements, the results that can be achieved are even better!

CNC precision parts machining has high production efficiency in the case of multiple varieties and small batches, and can ensure stable machining quality. It can also reduce production preparation, high precision repetition, machine tool adjustment and process inspection time, and use the optimal cutting amount to reduce cutting time. It can also machine complex surfaces that are difficult to machine with conventional methods, and even machine some unobservable machining parts. It is also suitable for large-scale, high-precision, and complex processing, especially capable of processing arcs, tapers, etc. Not only can it effectively improve the quality of materials and the accuracy of parts, and exert their functions, but it can also greatly enhance the durability of parts, promoting the improvement of the overall quality of the machinery. Precision machining also has benefits in improving the dimensional accuracy of parts, so the most direct effect is to achieve interchangeability of parts, thereby increasing their wear resistance and service life.

The automation level of CNC precision parts processing is very high, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers. Workers do not need to operate the entire process like ordinary lathes, but only need to observe and supervise the lathes. However, the technical content of CNC machining is higher than that of ordinary lathes, so CNC precision parts machining requires higher mental labor compared to ordinary lathes.

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