Plastic CNC Machining

PTCQ TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD is a leading supplier of customized Plastic CNC Machining parts with factory in Shenzhen China, we can achieve very cost effective price for Plastic CNC Machining components. Competitive price, high quality and fast turnover can be all achieved in our PTCQ factory.

With Plastic CNC manufacturing, we can create parts with very tight tolerances. As a result, you can be confident that your parts purchased from PTCQ will be functional properly and look great.
parts are custom made according to customer drawings with 100% inspection before delivery, samples can be arranged if it is required.

Since 2014, PTCQ continuing to grow steadily in capability, productivity, equipment, skills and partnerships. We've been providing high precision Plastic CNC Machining parts and ancillary services to a variety of high-tech industries for over 10 years. We always attach great importance to your each item and PTCQ have 100% confidence in producing your purchasing orders well.
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  • PTCQ have been providing Plastic CNC Machining Nylon Washer for more than 10 years in Shenzhen China, compared with stamping or injection moulding, you don’t need to afford high tooling charge, what is more, nylon washer made by cnc machining with quality much higher.

  • PTCQ, a Plastic CNC Machining Flange Bushing manufacturer located in Shenzhen China, we can cnc turning and milling many kinds of plastics like POM, Delrin, PC, ABS, PC , PA6, etc, compared with plastic injection molding, there is no tooling charge which can save you a lot of cost.

  • PTCQ is a precision manufacturer for CNC Machining Plastic Bushing, factory is located in Shenzhen China, we can cnc machining a lot of plastics such as POM, Delrin, ABS, PC , Nylon, etc in highest accuracy and good finish, parts will be completely measured, washed and dried before delivery.

  • PTCQ is a leading supplier for Plastic CNC Machining Delrin Bushing with factory in Shenzhen China, we can achieve very cost effective price for delrin bushing CNC machining, especially for large quantity mass production orders, competitive price, high quality and fast turnover can be all found in our PTCQ factory.

  • PTCQ specialize in Plastic CNC Machining POM Bush with factory in Shenzhen China, we have very competitive price advantage for POM bushing CNC machining, even POM plastic material affected by temperature, we can still hold a very tight tolerance for your nice fitting.

  • PTCQ, a Plastic CNC Machining Shoulder Washer leader manufacturer in Shenzhen China, have served our customers quite many years and enjoyed highest reputations from the whole world, all our parts are 100% exported in high quality and fast delivery.

PTCQ has been producing Plastic CNC Machining for many years and is one of the professional Plastic CNC Machining manufacturers and Suppliers in China. We have our own factory. You can rest assured to buy customized products from us. Customers are satisfied with our quality products and excellent service. We support to provide the quotation and sincerely look forward to becoming your reliable long-term business partner!
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