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How to Determine Machine Tool Faults in CNC Machining - PTCQ


The causes of machine tool failures in CNC machining plants are diverse, possibly due to component issues, assembly issues, and even design issues.

There are three types of faults based on their causes.

① Wear and tear fault

It refers to faults caused by normal wear and tear that were already anticipated and inevitable during design.

② Misuse fault

It is a malfunction caused by inadequate or improper use.

③ Congenital malfunction

It is a malfunction caused by inadequate or improper design.

In addition to the cause of the malfunction, there is also a fault nature.

The nature of faults can be divided into the following two types.

① Intermittent faults

In the short term, certain functions can continue to work with minor maintenance and debugging, without the need for replacement of components.

② Permanent fault

Some functions are damaged and require replacement of components to continue working.

The importance of CNC CNC machine tools to CNC machining plants is self-evident, and it is extremely important to determine the cause and nature of machine tool failures.

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