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PTCQ teaches you how to prevent stainless steel fasteners from locking up


Locking, also known as biting. The specific manifestation is that during the tightening process, the screws and nuts stick together, making it impossible to screw in or out, and leading to a series of serious consequences, which has been a long-standing problem in the stainless steel fastener industry.

How to prevent lock up?

 Prevention first

Understand the customer's usage situation in advance during sales, and communicate with customers about the use of "anti lock nuts" for the following high-risk industries and situations of locking.

 Follow the correct usage method

1. The length of the bolt should be selected appropriately, with 1-2 pitch exposed after tightening.

2. The tensile strength of the bolts and the safety load of the nuts meet the design requirements.

3. Before use, keep the product threads clean. If there are any scratches on the threads, at least the nut can pass smoothly.

4.When tightening the nut, the direction of the wrench application must be perpendicular to the axis of the bolt and must not tilt.

5. Use a torque wrench with a torque value within the safe torque range, and apply force evenly during rotation.

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