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How to Grasp the Matching between Cutting Tools and Machine Tools in Precision Part Processing -- PTCQ


The matching between cutting tools and machine tools is one of the important factors determining the quality and efficiency of precision parts processing. Reasonable tool selection can improve machining quality and extend tool life, while tools that do not match the machine tool may lead to problems such as decreased machining accuracy and tool damage. So, how to grasp the matching between cutting tools and machine tools?

1. Understanding the performance and processing requirements of machine tools is very important. Different types of machine tools have different processing capabilities and characteristics, such as CNC machine tools, lathes, milling machines, etc. When selecting a tool, it is necessary to consider factors such as the spindle speed, cutting force, and machining accuracy of the machine tool to ensure that the performance of the tool matches the machine tool.

2. Select the appropriate cutting tool based on the processing material. Different materials have different hardness, toughness, and cutting performance, so it is necessary to choose a tool that matches the material. For example, for high hardness materials, hard alloy tools should be chosen, while for high-speed machining needs, high-speed steel tools or coated tools should be chosen.

3. It is also necessary to consider cutting parameters and geometric parameters of the tool. Cutting parameters include cutting speed, feed rate, and cutting depth, which need to be reasonably selected based on machining requirements and tool performance. The geometric parameters of the cutting tool include the number of cutting edges, cutting angle, cutting length, etc., and also need to be matched according to the processing requirements and the characteristics of the machine tool.

4. Also pay attention to the installation and adjustment of cutting tools and machine tools. The installation quality of the cutting tool directly affects the stability and accuracy of the processing. It should be strictly installed and adjusted according to the requirements of the machine tool to ensure good coordination between the cutting tool and the machine tool.

One of the keys to ensuring machining quality and efficiency is to ensure the matching of cutting tools and machine tools in precision parts processing. By understanding the performance of machine tools, selecting appropriate cutting tools, considering cutting and geometric parameters, as well as correct installation and adjustment, the best matching between cutting tools and machine tools can be achieved, improving machining efficiency, and meeting market demand.

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