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Today PTCQ Technologies Co., Ltd. will introduce to you how to screw nylon lock nuts. Because the friction force generated by the nut and the bolt can lock the joint and other pipe fittings well, the utilization rate of the nut is still relatively high. How to tighten the nylon lock nut? How to choose fasteners? We provide you with high-quality Nylon Lock Nut DIN982 products!

How to tighten nylon lock nut

Use a crescent wrench to tighten the nut counterclockwise; its main function is to ensure that the nut is locked and prevent it from loosening. Relaxation measures. Therefore, during the tightening process, the nut must be matched with a washer for the shaft to fix it well. The small groove on the stud body and the groove on the outer circumference of the nut prevent the nut from loosening.

How to choose fasteners

1. Determine the category

When purchasing, you must choose the appropriate fasteners according to your own use occasions and functions. For example, there are fasteners such as screws, nuts, and bolts.

2. Determine the standards and varieties

When choosing the variety of fasteners, you must choose from whether the production process of the product is meticulous and whether the assembly efficiency is good. At the same time, try to choose that all fasteners are produced by the same machine, so that the use will be more matched and more convenient. Because the products produced by different machines will always have some errors, which leads to the problem of not locking. In addition, choose fasteners that are standard parts of the product.

3. Form

When choosing the nut, choose the nut according to your own needs. There are mainly general-purpose nuts, slotted nuts, and lock nuts. In addition, there are many types of screws, mainly mechanical screws, firm screws, and hexagon socket screws. So before you buy, you must know in advance what kind of locking firmware you need, and then make a suitable choice.

4. Price

If it is a fastener of the same quality, it is obviously to choose a product with a more favorable price, which can also save one's own economic costs. Our Nylon Lock Nut DIN982 product is your perfect choice.

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