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Discussion on the Process Flow of Stainless Steel Screws - PTCQ


Stainless steel screws refer to the shape of screws formed by using stainless steel screw wire and then twisting the threads. Its material is stainless steel. Stainless steel screws can be divided into stainless steel SUS201 screws, stainless steel SUS304 screws, stainless steel SUS316 screws, etc. according to their material.

The first is the disc element, which needs to be determined according to actual life requirements. Special screw factories need to clarify the factory disc, specifications, materials, and product names, as well as the weight and quantity. Afterwards, they need to purchase some suitable wire rods. It is important to pay attention not to choose inferior products just for cheap. For the sake of life, it is better for everyone to choose high-quality products.

The second is annealing, which increases the forging ability of screws, making the production of later processing more convenient.

The third step is acid pickling. Although the process is relatively simple, it only involves treating the surface of the screw, this step will make the next step more convenient.

The fourth is to take out the wire and undertake the pickling process above.

Fifth, the starting point is to complete the shaping of teeth.

Sixth, perform heat treatment to change the mechanical properties of the screws.

Seventh, electroplating is crucial in order to meet customer requirements and enhance product aesthetics.

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